Emmanuel Osazee Oronsaye aka Saye. Has a, what you might call, cliché music background. Always been connected with music in some form or another, either just reciting other peoples songs or just listening to music all day. Growing up in Nigeria in the 90s, he was exposed to mainly mainstream hip hop artist from the US and quickly formed a love for particularly Eminem. However, it wasn’t till he was in high school at 11 years of age he started writing his own lyrics at the back of his note book. Towards the end of his high school he joined a local rap group that was created by some other students in his school called NJC. After recording his first ever verse in a studio in a song called “I run shit”, he started becoming more popular amongst his school mates and the neighbouring school. The feeling of satisfaction and buzz around his freestyle on the verse began to make him liked. It wasn’t too long he dropped more verses in NJC and did some school performances with his group members and solo. However at the end of his high school, all the members had separated and all gone to different countries to further their education. Saye released 1 single in 2 years Gidi Popping over Kid Ink’s Lowkey popping, but didn’t get the sorta response that he used to when he was in high school. So, he didn’t get into a booth or write a rhyme for the next 3 years, during that time he had moved to Canada. Where he met up with Dream, he was inspired to give rap music. Now he is working on redefining and creating his own sound by learning how to create beats. Besides Eminem, J. Cole is also a huge inspiration for the Nigerian born aspiring rapper.