Born in Montreal and raised in Haiti, Regy Jonathan de la Cruz-Abraham a.k.a Rejuno was always known by his peers and family as a rising star with his burning passion for music. Growing up he listens to a variety of soulful artists such Usher and Chris Brown then He knew that somewhere deep in his heart he was musically gifted. It began when He joined his high school choir where he sang for 5 years (from 2002-2007). This was just the genesis of lots of great and musical projects.

He had his first and most important solo on a classic Mozart piece called 'Regina Coeli' that he learned at that time for a period of 2 years and he still remembers it like it was yesterday and he gets excited whenever he tells the story. In the fall of 2007, he moved to Ottawa (Canada) and after years of practice he participated in making of 'Almost Home (Volume 1)' by 'Dre@m'. He was featured on the Intro track of the Album called 'Close', It's been history from there.

Rejuno "When Dream talked to me about making a track together, I knew we were onto something."

Besides being a talented singer, Rejuno is also a Patriot and never miss an occasion to proudly represents his origins. He did couple theatrical performances with the "CEHUO" A Haitian club at the University of Ottawa Campus as the Lead Actor on different shows (Vertieres et nous, Creolophonie event and Batailles de Vertières).

Finally from Rejuno leaves us with this message "Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and give it a rest, heals the heart and make it a whole, flows from Heaven to the soul."