I saw friends as the best people to do bond with, I thought of goals and dreams we all could run with”

Bethel Francis (Dre@m), "Head Above Waters".

N.O.R.M Presents | "Rain" by Dre@m



After 5 years in the music industry in Canada and 14 years in Nigeria, Bethel is releasing a new single that is justly earned. "Rain" is a metaphor for blessings to fall down after years of hardwork and prayers in the pursuit of chasing your dreams.

The lyrics are honest, real and fitting of an experienced producer, performing artist, and founder of the NORM Collective. The content of the lyrics... There are no words.

We are endlessly proud of our Founder, Bethel Francis, otherwise known as Dream. We hope that you love the new direction he is taking in his music just as much as we do. Please enjoy the newest single, set to release on February 18, 2020. Keep a lookout on all streaming platforms! It's going live the day after Family Day in Ontario. Enjoy!

Written by Lina Muk

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18th of February, 2020

18th of February, 2020

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