I saw friends as the best people to do bond with, I thought of goals and dreams we all could run with”

Bethel Francis (Dre@m), "Head Above Waters".

N.O.R.M Presents | "Winter Chronicles"

DREAM & FRIENDS: Winter Chronicles


The amazing duo "Gold Tongues" will be headlining the show as well as other talented local artists such as Rejuno, Morris Ogbowu, Winnie Julot, Gamou Diop and Susan Young. The evening will also include an Open-Mic session for other local artists to sign up and play using our platform. Part of the proceeds for the show will go to Gift of Giving (Umoja). 

Their mission statement:  


“To make a better future for developing countries by repairing environmental inhibitors and empowering communities to thrive independently as opposed to depend.”


N.O.R.M stands for Noble Obligated Resourceful Members. It's a collective group of intelligent well-mannered artists — including singers, songwriters, and industry professionals — who are thriving together and striving for success. 

N.O.R.M’s  members spread messages of positivity throughout their songs, with the purpose of engaging our community by providing a quality message of hope, love, compassion, and support for creativity in different shapes/forms.


"Winter Chronicles" is a new show by the NORM Collective (Dream & Friends.) It is called Winter Chronicles because we plan to keep putting together great music showcases this winter to give our audience something to look forward to this season and keep our guests warm with our music.

Our joy in coming together, expressing, sharing, and supporting one another is what a family is all about. Come and join us Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at 7 PM – 11:30 PM. This will be an interactive show like you've never seen! Expect to meet great artists, hear great music, and enjoy drinks/refreshments. We are looking forward to delivering you this show and seeing some new faces!


Article by: Winnie Julot

Cover Art: Althea Rose

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Headliners, Gold Tongues

Headliners, Gold Tongues

Last Showcase, Dream and Friends: Family Affair

Last Showcase, Dream and Friends: Family Affair

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