Nicky Jean

Marie-Nicky Jean is a 23 year old singer/songwriter/rapper/poet/radio host who was born in Montreal but mostly raised in Ottawa. Growing up in the capital city and being back in Montreal so often, she has absorbed the culture and atmosphere of both cities and yes she is bilingual. Actually she is trilingual as she also speaks her parent's mother tongue, Creole, she is a second generation Haitian. Nicky wanted to sing since the age of four and she started writing at just eight years old. After entering the choir at church and at her elementary school she made it her life's mission to succeed in the entertainment field. She attended St .Patrick's High School in Ottawa where she sung and performed spoken word at school events.  Now that she is an adult, Nicky recently completed her studies in Communication and Business Administration at the University of Ottawa, she has always excelled academically and prays that she will continue to do so.  Her music is mostly rooted in R&B and Hip-Hop but you can hear influences from all over. Her new EP entitled Stairs is a project that is very close to her heart and it took her nearly a year to complete. What she wants to do is share depth, feeling, and meaningfulness through great music. That's the dream.