Gvmou (Gamou Diop)

Gamou ( Born in 1999 in Washington DC, USA) is a Senegalese-American singer mixing french R&B, pop and trap music, known for the presence of Senegalese sonorities in her songs. 

Coming from a family of gifted musicians and dancers, she is the sixth of ten siblings. Inspired by the beautiful sounds of the instruments surrounding her childhood, she decided to join by taking piano lessons. Eventually, she started to develop a special interest for singing, which led her to be the first singer in her family. 

After years of doing song covers and opening for concerts, Gamou releases her first single ( 2019 ) in Ottawa, Canada where she is currently completing her studies. The single called Porte-parole speaks of colorism and allows her to express herself about unfairness experienced by dark skin women. 
 A few months later, she then releases her second single Cramé along with her first official video. 

Today, Gamou is working on the release of her first album Anesthésie planned for the end of the year 2020.