Dream & Friends: Blessed

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Red Lion Pub House, 47 Clarence Street, Ottawa

This theme is a final rendition to celebrate the last 3 successful ones that we've had and also to bless you as a wonderful audience one last time.The energy was extraordinary so we decided to hold it at the same venue again. We want to thank the quality of the audience that was there, thank you again for coming out with your families, friends and loved ones and this one is going to be EPIC again. We would only like to only ask one favour from you: Please respect the dress code. We want to do classic shows for people to dress accordingly in a semi-formal attire and I would greatly appreciate if every single one of you would respect the dress code please. We are doing something classy, suave and we appreciate if you can dress up the part as well. Thank you.

DOORS OPEN AT 7PM SHARP******* PLEASE BE ON TIME. THANK YOU. Last but not least, we will be having tickets for the show. The advanced limited tickets will be 5$ and the tickets will be 10$ dollars at the door(after 7:30pm). There will be a limited guestlist so please don't wait last minute to reserve your spot. It will be on first come first serve basis. Looking forward to deliver you this very last show to thank you as a blessing from us to you.Blessings on Blessings! Norm the Collective, Executive Direction