10 Songs You Need On Your Playlist

Being the music addict I am, I get my songs by creeping on iTunes, Soundcloud and Youtube. On average I find at least five new artists in a week to feed my music craving. Allow me to share with you, 10 songs that you desperately need on your playlist as soon as possible. I know you need these songs because my life has been slaved and dragged on continuously each time I hear them.

Matthew Young - Bend

Matthew Young was a particularly wicked find of mine thanks to Soundcloud’s recommended playlist. His videos album art, changing the colours of his album art per single are aesthetically profound. I feel his art when listening to his songs as his voice guides you through his mind with the echoes of his harmonies.


Bearface - Hotline Bling Rmx (Cover)

I first discovered Bearface again through Soundcloud, when I came across his song “watch u” this was rather recent discovery. Until I came across “Hotline Bling Remix” on his soundcloud page and fell in love instantly. Compared to a more present sound of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” Bearface takes us on a wavey ride. We switch between his voice subtly singing to us, mixed with the sweet rhythms and tunes in the background and a recurring conversation being had in between the song. Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’, is more about a recent and present heartache whereas Bearface’s ‘Hotline Bling’, seems to be speaking of one that happening a while ago, as he reminisces. Why do you think? Give it a listen and comment below.

BANNERS - Shine A Light

Yes! you guessed it, another track courtesy of Soundcloud. BANNERS hit me rather hard and soft as I was positively surprised upon hitting play on their track(s) on Soundcloud, and then soft as a familiar sound followed. I do not like comparing artists but, BANNERS does resemble the rhythmic beats and ebb and flow of Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons. Both bands I very explicitly admire and love. BANNERS was the escape I needed and found in music.


Lemon - Better For You

Well, if you follow me on Twitter, or have ever driven with me, you know this song by heart as it is all I am ever able to talk about. From the 6 side, Lemon brings with her a haunting and sexy voice in “Better For You.” I also greatly appreciate the beat and production in this song. Another song by Lemon that I would seriously recommend, is “Your Friends.” Thank you Lemon. for giving tracks to jam to no matter the time of day and mood.


Charlie XCX - Body Of My Own

The above is not Charlie’s official Youtube channel but it is the best version of the song online. Quite like “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld, this song is about one of the most pleasurable moments a woman can give herself. I loved the grungy, edgy, and real aspect of this song through its lyricism, topped off with the loud, demanding, powerful, and in your face vocals and instruments. This song is about sexual liberation and empowerment, especially, about independence. It’s also really fun to dance to in the car or while waiting for your bus to arrive.


SLK - Pour

And we are back to Soundcloud. SLK is truly ethereal. Her vocals, her rhythms, her melodies, her harmonies, her aura, her beats, her visuals, need I go on. When I stumbled across “Pour,” a very long while ago, my body crumpled at the beat drop as I instantly purchased her entire EP on iTunes. I remember driving through California while on vacation and feeling that this song suited nothing more than a drive through the crisp night air. Let the song take you. Do not try and understand SLK. Let her music guide you, and feel wonderful things happen.


Dawin - Dessert ft. Silentó

You may already know this one and if you do then keep on rockin to it. But, if you do not, I would need you to hit play and twerk and bop it out. I discovered “Dessert,” thanks to a remarkable choreography by Tricia Miranda (which you can see on Youtube). The song picks up after the hook and you might find yourself spinning in circles as you “murder that dance floor.”

The Japanese House - Clean

Over the past year, The Japanese House has become one of my favourite artists. “Clean,” featured in their new EP titled “Clean,” is a beautiful synergy of tender vocals and a flooded waves of sounds. The Japanese House, true to form, incorporates their harmonious soft vocals in this track.

Lo-Fang - Every Night

I was thankfully introduced to Lo-Fang, aka my babe, aka my boo, aka the love of my life, aka Matthew, through Lorde, aka my Queen, aka goth Queen, aka Ellz, aka Ella, while attending her show in Toronto a few years back. Since then I have stayed very in touch with Lo-Fang through active support and unmeasurable admiration for what he does and how he does it. With his ability to play over five musical instruments, combining classical and pop music into one, his heavenly vocals, remarkable musical arrangements, and devilish good looks, Lo-Fang remains as one of my favourite male artists, of all time. “Every Night,” is only a glimpse into the magic that is Lo-Fang.

MAALA - In The Air

I found MAALA through iTunes in the “People also bought,” section featured at the bottom of whatever purchase you are making. Shown at the bottom wa- oh wait no. This was how I found out MAALA was on iTunes. I actually found MAALA through Soundcloud. As usual. But then I later found out that MAALA was on iTunes and so purchased his EP on there. “Touch,” was the song that led me to MAALA and “In The Air,” was what kept me. Often with music, there are no descriptions necessary in order to explain why a certain track is amazing. This would be one such case. MAALA extends his artistry past our current lifetime, with his futuristic sounds and contemplative visuals.

Written ByAnnette Ejiofor.