We are NORM!

N.O.R.M stands for Noble Obligated Resourceful Members. It's an Arts and Enterntainment Company is a group of intelligent well-mannered artists, including singers, songwriters, who are thriving for success and bringing a message of positivity throughout our songs, with a purpose of engaging with our community by providing a quality message of hope, love, compassion and supporting creativity in different shapes/forms.

Bethel Francis (Dream) is the founder of NORM. By bringing other artists and producers with similar interests to create an innovative sound, he hopes to reach great heights. Our founder/lead artist Dream has performed at many renowned locations in Ottawa including the EY Centre and TD Place, He has also been featured on the Daytime show on Rogers TV.

Norm is not just another music company, it is a movement, one that inspires people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. Some people only care about fortune and fame but we aim to be models for true artistry and provide a sound for the community. Our roster consists of great and talented artists which include: Rejuno, Gamou Diop, Taapz, Sabrina Madore, Aida Alves, and Winnie Julot.

'Miroir' by Gvmou is now available on all streaming platforms!!